That first messge

Do you remember your first search on the internet?

Confession time: I have neglected building a network and keeping in touch with people. Hell, I have been back in Colorado for 3 years and only seen a few friends.

There is no excuse.

First, let it be known I am mostly free of social media. Twitter still exists (all 100+? accounts) but I stopped checking. Facebook (all 5+? accounts) are stale. I live on YouTube, but not in a social way. So many others…abandoned…it feels so good…try it!

I do lurk on Instagram, play “nice” on LinkedIn for career stuff (except recruiters, they are my cheat day from civility). I fly drones on an engineering team and post often on Instagram for that effort. My email still works, like my phone number, and is unchanged — but response time varies.

So let’s do an email list. Anyone who knows me should have no doubt things will get weird, same good crazy is still here, that is not leaving.

Let’s catch up real fast!

About NYC: It was great, miss it much. Coming back to Denver was difficult, the area seems more like a cow town than ever, but I am dealing with those emotions. True story, I put random photos of NYC on rotation for a screensaver on our Apple TV. I have been known to watch theNYC photos for hours getting sad and depressed about how I miss Manhattan. Never have I felt more at home, sane, and alive than living NYC.

^^^ Our 350sf Apt in the east village.

About Denver: Back at the same place, but we remodeled the hell out of it! If rent was not cheap and family in state we would be living in California. I can fly drones out here and that almost makes up for not being in NYC. We got a new dog (Lana), she is more popular on Instagram than me. Makes sense, she has more going for her…

About Work: I program in the Python language, focused on Django (framework used for web applications) professionally. I have had a few great gigs over the years, but to be honest most tech companies are pretty screwed up. I am writing a book called “How to not get f*cked contracting software”, it has the billion dollar room and the FBI sniper story included. After reading Anthony Bourdain religiously (I miss you so much brother, so god damn much) and then about 4000 pages of Hunter S Thompson memoirs my voice is strong. Currently 2019 is my 16th year in development, I have a lot to say that will help the normal person looking for some development. Too lazy to read, here’s the conclusion: Understand you are doomed! (not for the reasons you may think)

About Music: I am still one of the top Ableton people in the US, but I stopped playing music 13Dec2013. I was working in a LARGE NYC agency when it dawned on me! My fellow developers are 10x better people than 90% of music people. Plus it pays really good. So I dropped it all, packed it up, walked away. I did enjoy my many shouting matches with Ableton North America Managers “PLEASE SUE ME, I WANT IT, PLEASE!”, good crazy for me, and punking “the man”. So man good memories, like when the whole band split up at the Fox Theater to trap the manager to get our pay. He was a slippery one all high on cocaine, classic music scene BS. It is a young man’s game and youth is in the rear view mirror now.

About Politics: The night Trump won I was sitting in the house, drinking whiskey and chewing on valium. That was the last time I listened to the news. Now I find out about mass shootings because some weird hash tag is hitting Instagram. I understand Trump so well, it all makes total sense to me, great conversation to be had… free with purchase of whiskey (bring valium too, let’s get sloppy).

About Drones: I found my home, it is in Freestyle FPV. At the same time I can say with confidence that I hate nearly everyone in the “hobby” and that is why I got my commercial license (FAA) and papers from the FCC (HAM). I have a few good friends to share the hobby with, so life is good. I currently design, manufacture, build, test, and fly my (our) own designs. Right now we have the only true freestyle 2” HD unit, 50mph and weighs less than an iPhone. #NailedIt

^^^ Leaders in chase videography, that’s me.

Well, that’s it for post one. Sign up because you know me and/or are curious. I have nothing to sell and will try to keep the axe away from the grindstone.